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- Reduce Stress, Depression and Worry-

Use Santa's Three Secrets!

  • Enjoy the Holiday's -Spend less time rushing about!

  • Eliminate the Worry and Reduce the Stress!

  • Stop saying, "Next year I'll plan ahead for the Holidays!"

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Do the Winter Holidays stress you out?

Are you one of the many that tire out, get depressed, or worry too much when the November and December holidays arrive? 

Maybe you wish you could spend more time enjoying the Holidays and less time rushing about? 

There is a way to enjoy the Holiday Season, do everything you want, and at the same time, reduce the stress, anxiety, and the depression that often accompanies this joyous time of the year.

Here are my three Secrets:

  • Secret #1 - Organize & Plan Ahead.

  • Secret #2 - Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks.

  • Secret #3 - Schedule Personal Time .

By clicking on of the months listed at the left you will have a simple schedule that you can use to plan and organize everything you want for the holidays.

As a descendent of Santa Claus, each year I hear people complaining that the Holiday Season has lost its magic. 

 They complain about the hectic, rush-rush of daily life and that everything is too stressful.

 Some have found their hectic schedules leave them little time for family and fun.

There is so much to do and so little time spend with loved ones.

We hear of friends who have spent or invested so much in decorating, gift buying and party planning they have financial worries.

And haven’t you heard more than one person say, “Next year, I’m not going to wait until the last minute to get ready for the Christmas holidays.”

Most want that wonderful, warm feeling we see in the movies like, “Miracle on 34th Street,” or “It’s a Wonderful Life.” 

But, in today’s fast paced, internet world, many have come to realize that this joyous time of the year doesn’t seem as happy as in years past. 

Let’s face it.  Everyone seems to be stressed out over the Holidays.  And as long as this situation continues, they cannot enjoy them.

In fact I get so busy, with visits, appearances and taking thousands of requests from children,

that I have little time to plan my own Holiday activities. 

Over the years this Santa has also experienced the stress of a busy Holiday Season. 

In fact, if I do not get my Christmas decoration up before Thanksgiving, they stay in storage.

Time Management was what I needed.  So, with the help of some ‘Efficiency Elves,’ a simple plan was created that helped Mrs. Claus and I do a better job of preparing for the Holidays. 

This resulted in less stress for both of us and more time to enjoy our friends and family.

You may not want to think of Christmas now.  But, a little advanced planning, spread out between now and Christmas, and you will reduce stress and truly gain more time to enjoy the season.

Start now.  Spread out the tasks over the months ahead.  By doing a little each month, you will reduce your December work load. 

When the Holidays arrive, you will have the satisfaction of being totally prepared and ready to truly enjoy the Celebrations and Festivities.

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